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'LIVE" Consultation with Rawsome Chef

Online with Katherine
private inspirationalvideo chat:
initial 15 min: free
first 1/2 hr: $60.00
$100 per hour - basic healing rate

via paypal or certified cheque paid in advance

Welcome to The House of RAWK ... on Goddess-sent Gabriola Island, B.C.

Find yourself; in the enchanted woods, up the winding way ... from the Gnome's home .. not far from the ferry. Feel the waves of your own heartbeat;  slow .. as I show you how to mindfully eat. Drop the deadly dairy and pick up a fresh, un-sugared local berry.No more meat or dead bread. 

Or, we'll walk in wonder.Talk affirmatively. And, hand- pick pine cones - instead.

Or, just drop all worldly concerns and come for a magical massage in a a tropical paradise ..healing room.

Get out of your head and into your heart.

Raw and Real. 

A holy and wholesome divine deal.

Phone ahead to book book your beautiful  Bed & Breakfast. weekend. 

Away 'stress,'

Only bliss .. to send.

Or, make it last .. Stay for a day or a week. Going strong ..

My tasty treat!

In LOVE with Special K - every day

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Raw Food Workshop taught by International Live-Foods Health Chef Eric Rivkin will be taught in Whistler and Vancouver this July!

Read the full details (time, place, price, etc) here.

I talk about being a Vegan and about Eric in my latest blog entry.

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Creating A Rawsome Life

Single Mom, Katherine Marion and her 11 year young homeschooling Son, Kaelin, are living the life they love. Making the healthiest choices became a priority after Katherine began examining the events leading up to the early and unnecessary deaths of too many of her closest family members.Most recently, it was the untimely passing of her Mom, that really caused one beloved daughter to reach out to the masses. Hoping, wishing, praying, envisioning, and taking positive action to prevent the same 'cause and effect' that painfully ended the lives of those she still holds close in her trusting heart.

Congestive heart failure, diabetes, strokes, and a long list of maladies and diseases were operative words at work, in Kathy's childhood. Taken for granted were dental problems, alcoholism, drug abuse; culminating in cancers, Alzheimers, and more than one slow, painful death. Lingering postpartum depression. jaundice, hair loss, 'middle-age spread' and balding were widespread and common symptoms reflected in family members whom sadly and willingly chose to cling to old belief systems, negative thoughts, and bad habits.

Cooked food has not been an addiction for Katherine and Kaelin, for 6 years and consciously counting ... A mouthful of mercury amalgams, malignant cervical cancer at 22, breast lumps at 34, rheumatoid arthritis at 36, and an 80% lowered immune system, finally led a very curious mind and broken-down body, to begin developing her instincts, again. This time, reaching inward ...

Katherine and Kaelin received their live food certification, a few years ago and they haven't looked back since ... Hired by Earth Save Canada to speak at The Taste Of Health. Interviewed by The Rick Mercer Report, Katherine is touted as "Vancouver's premiere female live food chef", Sharing her wealth of knowledge, wonderful wit, and innate wisdom, with those open-minded individuals whom have a discerning ear with which to listen, and the highest intention to put their innermost desires to the most beneficial use.

Live food seminars, health trade-shows, juiced-up board room meetings, and delicious individual counseling sessions are a few of the myriad of options available, when hiring Katherine and tapping into her vast expertise. Preparing nutritious vegan, raw, organic, wheat and gluten- free cakes and perfect pizza-less crackers for kids birthday parties is what Kaelin does best. Together, this favourite family has made a conscious choice to co- create a consciousness - raising community.

Allow genuine spiritual growth and a glowing, growing concern for others, to be the primary reason you decide to achieve your deepest, heart-felt dreams. Let Katherine show you the miraculous way. In childlike wonder, may you walk, tall and true. With clarity and a clear vision; who knows ... you can end up anywhere!

Happy Beginnings,

Rawsome Chef