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Happy, Healing, Holiest New Year 2022 from this newly Certified Meditation Immersion Teacher with Soul Works- mention my name and get certified, too.

Right now, i want you to get down .. into Downward Dog on my new Energetically Aligning Mats i truly believe in.

Here is a link to a water purification pitcher I like: Cerra Water

Certified Yoga Instructor - Coaching available- with Semperviva Yoga school - 2018- i outta know!

Love in the Light,

Katherine the Grateful and therefore ever Great

   A Raw Reality T.V. Show & Advice Column                                $2 per min (minimum 30 min)

   Personal Gifts Welcome!

Note: See Contact Page for updated phone number

Note: See Contact Page for updated phone number

Rawsome Food

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Animal Voices (Vancouver radio show)

Live radio interview with Victoria Boutenko (Raw Food Chef/Author/R.N.)

CD (jewel case & pictures) $10.99 + shipping & handling

Contact Katherine for details

The Amazing Spirooli - Spiral Vegetable Slicer

3 blade cartridges to make:

  • Curly Fries
  • Spiral Strands
  • Curled Julienne Strips
  • Slices and Ribbon Cuts
  • One plastic frame and pusher with springs
  • 4 suctions feet to hold the unit in place
  • Lower drawer to safely store unused blades
  • Blades are easily inserted into the slicer as the whole cartridge is manipulated
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included

Order your vegan, gluten and wheat-free spaghetti creator, to help make your holidays even healthier and happier!

$50.00 Canadian ( shipping included )